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Online Leak Repair
Leaks are expensive,dangerous,toxic and could cause health and environmental hazards.Why shutdown the process system if we could help?
We seal virtually any leaks, including valve gland, Elbow, Tee joint, Heat-exchanger cover and all sorts of pipeline configuration.
Wide range of leak sealing compound are available to seal Steam. Acids,Hydrocarbon,Hot-Oil and Petroleum gases ranging from
 sub-zero to over 500 °C and pressure over 100 barg.
Flange Steam Leak 

Dangerous High Pressure stem shooting out from flange joint.

2"Valve Bonnet Hot-Oil Leak 

Install of a flange clamp on the valve bonnet of a 2"Hot-Oil valve.

Elbow Joint Leak 

High Pressure Boiler feedwater Elbow welded joint leak.

4"Elbow Weld Joint Hydrocarbon Leak

An Elbow clamp was installed on a town gas Elbow joint leak. 

High Pressure Valve Gland Packing Leak

Steam turbine valve gland packing leak in the Power Plant.

18"Expansion Joint Steam Leak


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