Performance Under Pressure 
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Welcome To Seal Team!


Our Engineering Services
  • On-stream Leak Sealing.
  • Controlled Bolt Tightening.
  • FRP Pipe wrapping.
  • Lokring Cold Weld Pipe Connector.
  • Shrink Wrap & Anti-corrosion Treatment 
    for aircraft, seacraft, pressure vessels & so on.
 Our Engineering Products
  • Deacon moldable & injectable high temperature sealants.
  • Gasketing sealants Upto 1200ÂșC.
  • Safety Spray Shield Cover for flanges & valves.
  • Pipe Clamp Design & Fabrication.
  • Anti-corrosion coating.
  • Corrosion preventive compound -ACF 50/Corrosion Block non-toxic & non flammable. 


Our Mission

Seal Team is dedicated to provide an efficient and quality engineering service to our customer and
take utmost care on the Health, Safety and the Environment.

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  The Seal Team